Living in Whitman, the far east South Philadelphia

Interested in a home in the Whitman neighborhood? Read this PHG guide to the Whitman of South Philly. Among the most popular Philly neighborhoods, community focus and easy navigation are among the major reasons people move to this far South Philadelphia Whitman area. Safety is another major factor: Whitman has over 30% fewer property and violent crimes than the rest of Philadelphia!

See what locals have to say when two young professionals asked, should I move to Whitman?

For sports lovers, Whitman offers close proximity to all of Philadelphia's sport stadiums, major public parks like FDR park and Marconi Plaza, recreation centers and local baseball fields. There are fields, roads and courses available for locals whether it be biking, golfing, tennis, basketball, swimming, soccer, or baseball!

Listings of homes in Whitman

Looking to move to Whitman area of South Philadelphia? The neighborhood is a great place for families and young professionals. Search for homes for sale in the far South Philly area:


  1. Whitman area is a good neighborhood for college students who like a quiet and affordable area to live! Especially for students who just moved to Philadelphia and want a safe and quiet neighborhood that is comfortable and not scary. This definitely beats living on Temple or Penn campus. Cheap and safe rentals is the way to go!

  2. Love the prices of Whitman homes! Their affordable and safe so some touch up and they become the dream home!