October 10, 2016

Whitman Cat Colony

The Whitman Cat Colony refers to a colony of about 100 stray and feral cats located in the back parking ground of Whitman Plaza. The Whitman Cat Colony began as a dumping ground for unwanted cats, but grew into a cat colony maintained by local South Philadelphian volunteers. Caretakers of the colony provide food, water, and shelter for these cats. Volunteers also organize a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program, in which unaltered cats are taken to low-cost vets or clinics to get altered and vaccinated then returned to the colony. The vet doing the surgery will usually snip a small piece of skin from the cat’s ear to indicate that the cat has been altered so as to signify who has been altered in the colony and who has not (signaling who are the resident cats and who are the new drop offs).1,2

Facebook Post 1. Whitman cat colony images shared by Support Whitman Share Babies

Facebook Post 2. Support Whitman's Fur Babies asks for community help

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Whitman Plaza Community

Whitman Plaza Community represents the neighborhood surrounding Whitman Plaza on Oregon Ave. We aim to improve the standards of living in the neighborhood and to promote an active community.

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