April 23, 2016

Whitman ranked best neighborhood; featured in PHG and Philadelphia magazines

Our South Philadelphia's beloved Whitman neighborhood has been making regular media appearances as of late. Home of the first vegan farm in the US, Whitman has been named one of the safest neighborhoods in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Magazine and the 1st best neighborhood in Philadelphia 2016 by StreetAdvisor.

One news we are particular proud to point out is this feature in Philly Home Girls neighborhood guide to Whitman. The author was inclusive of our South Philly neighborhood, old and the new. More importantly, she just really gets our neighborhood vibe. Whitman has always been a thriving community in itself, so it's no developer or real estate agent's dream builder. It stands among its developing and gentrifying neighbors, adapting with its own unrelenting South Philly attitude.

Whitman neighborhood won was ranked 1st best neighborhood in Philadelphia by StreetAdvisor voters in 2016
Whitman Plaza Community

Whitman Plaza Community represents the neighborhood surrounding Whitman Plaza on Oregon Ave. We aim to improve the standards of living in the neighborhood and to promote an active community.

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