March 23, 2016

Philadelphia cleans alleys of Whitman in South Philly

Philadelphia is resuming alley cleaning for the Whitman neighborhood. The Whitman Council posted the following notice on their Facebook page last week. Neighbors have been trying to spread the word, but perhaps Whitman Council needs a better method of getting their messages to residents living within the Whitman boundary.

Whitman Council originally posted:

The city of Philadelphia is re-starting cleaning alleys. We have been contacted and given a list of the alleys that are going to be the first to be cleaned. If any of the alleys have locked gates on them we will need the name and phone number of a person (s) that are willing to be a contact point for the alley. If you are willing to be that person, please email ( or call 215-468-4056 and give us your name, address, phone number, and the two streets on each side of your alley. If the workers go to an alley and it is locked, that alley will be put at the very end of the cleaning list, no exceptions!

We are not able to pick which order the alleys will be cleaned. The program will be starting Wed 3-16-2016. The first alleys to be taken care of will be alleys that run east and west, between Front and Second streets. If there is a small section of alley at one end that forms a "T" then that part will be done at the same time. They are going to start at the south end of Whitman and work to Snyder, then they will be working on the alleys that run north and south.   The organizer wants a few people from each alley to come out and help with the cleaning. We have fliers that will need to be given out for the blocks that will be worked on that week. They will be cleaning on Wednesdays and Saturdays ONLY. Please contact the Whitman Office with any questions. If there is a very large weed or tree that is no higher than the fences on the yards in the alley, they will attempt to remove it. If it is any higher than the yard fences, they will not be cutting it down. They are and will continue to make a survey of issues within the alleys.

Once again, the two most important items right now are:
1. We must have contacts for unlocking the alleys and helping with the fliers.
2. We cannot take any requests for which alleys need to be cleaned.  The program is designed to have cleaned every alley within the Whitman Boundaries by it's end. PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD

The Staff at
Whitman Council Inc.
Whitman Council update on March 23, 2016 via Facebook:
We are still looking for contact people for the alleys within the Whitman Community. If you live between the east side of Seventh and the Delaware River, and between the south side of Snyder Ave to I95, then you are in the Whitman Community. Please contact our office by Phone (215) 468-4056, Email, or by stopping int the office 2455 So. 3rd Street (between 8am and 4:30pm). If there are no gates or the locks are broken/missing, please let us know. If your alley is locked, we need atleast one person with a key/combination that can make sure that the alley is open on the day it is to be cleaned.
Whitman Plaza Community

Whitman Plaza Community represents the neighborhood surrounding Whitman Plaza on Oregon Ave. We aim to improve the standards of living in the neighborhood and to promote an active community.

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