Clean, Trash, Recycle

Trash & Recycle

Find out your trash day and recycle day. Note the holiday schedule and remember to bring out your trash the night before and not any sooner. Seal everything tightly so the garbage trucks don't make a mess in your neighborhood.

Street Cleaning

The City of Philadelphia does not offer street cleaning to South Philadelphia residents. Find out who your block captain is and initiate weekly street cleaning on your block. Sign up to be a block captain if your block doesn't currently have one!

The Sports Complex Special Services District (SCSSD) offers a residential street cleaning program. Although the current serviced area excludes Whitman, it does include Whitman Plaza surrounding area, such as streets west of 7th on Oregon Ave. We are working to include the Whitman neighborhood into the coverage area.

Circular Non-Delivery

Tired of circulars and paper menus littering your street and doorstep? Sign up for a free circular non-delivery decal to stop circulars from being placed at your door. This registration will also allow the city to take actions against those who litter on your doorstep.


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