Tree Planting

Did you know that green spaces are not only pleasant and beautifying, but have also been linked to lower crime rates and safer neighborhoods? Add more green to your neighborhood by planting a tree. You can obtain a free yard tree for your own yard or apply for a free street tree to plant on your street!

No space in your area for planting trees? Add some simple window boxes or flower pots to your doorstep. These simple steps keep your neighborhood and house exterior beautiful.

Vacant Lot Transformation

Turn a vacant lot into a community garden or a simple, clean space to walk your dog or enjoy the weather. Vacant lots in the Whitman area are either privately owned or publicly owned by the city. The City of Philadelphia has a vacant lot program. Learn how you can take an abandoned lot and turn it into your own.

Philadelphia Watershed: clean water, river, streams

Learn how you can help keep pollution out of Philadelphia's river and streams. As a resident, you can participate in programs and a difference as well as get some free green tools for your home!

Rain Check is a Philadelphia Water Department program that helps residents manage stormwater at their homes. Participants can either get a free rain barrel or get a downspout planter, rain garden or porous paving installed at a reduced price.

Protected Biking Lanes

Bike lanes are important to provide a space for bicyclists on Philadelphia streets, bike lanes have proven to improve road safety and conditions for all road users: Bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. There are a number of corridors and intersections that have been identified as ready for bike lanes and new infrastructure in the Council District. Ask Councilman Squilla to make bike lanes a priority in the First District by adding your name to this petition.

Whitman Cat Colony

Support the Whitman Cat Colony to reduce the amount of abandoned cats and give them good homes. Read about the Whitman Cat Colony here.


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