July 22, 2018

Plant a Free Street Tree in Whitman

A tree-lined block provides shade and beauty and help manage stormwater and improve water quality. Philadelphians often cite that trees make their blocks more attractive, and welcome the birds and other animals the trees attract.

Learn more about street trees in Whitman in the South Philadelphia and Whitman street tree survey

Request a free street tree in front of your house at no cost. The city will inspect, plant, and be responsible for pruning and care of the tree.

Request a street tree online or use this printable form. After Philadelphia Parks & Recreation receives this request an arborist will inspect the location to determine whether it is an appropriate and safe location for a tree to be planted. The arborist will determine which species of tree is best suited for the location. After the site inspection is done, a Planting Permission Form will be left for the property owner to fill out and send back to Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. When they receive the form, the location is then placed on a "future planting" list. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation will not plant a street tree without a signed permission form on file.

Whitman Plaza Community

Whitman Plaza Community represents the neighborhood surrounding Whitman Plaza on Oregon Ave. We aim to improve the standards of living in the neighborhood and to promote an active community.

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